Domestic and International Factoring

Get the resources you need to complete your goals and take your project to the next level. At CV Credit we offer you adaptable financing options to fulfill your needs through the tool of factoring, we monetize your bills. Let us advise you!

Immediate Liquidity for working capital and a better cash flow. Ideal for short-term liquidity.

Target Market

Companies providing credit terms of payments to their customers


Working Capital


Up to 90 days


From $50k to $5mm USD

Founding Method

80% advance of the invoice amount

Commission For Opening




Domestic and International Invoices



1% and 2% monthly

We help you meet your goals Obtain support in international collections, mitigate the risk of non-payment from international clients, take advantage of the devaluation to monetize future flows in USD

That capital is not a barrier to your growth.

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We are your strategic partner to take your project to the next level.