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Supply Chain Finance

Let your business move forward leveraging the strengths of your vendors. In CVCredit we help you create custom plans according to your needs. Thanks to our team of highly trained professionals and our long experience we are able to offer immediate financial liquidity solutions. We make the payment to your vendors while we extend the payment terms. We have over 500 satisfied clients in the US and Latin America.

In CVCredit we want to push you to continue operating, we support you with the purchase of raw materials. Let our team of experts counsel you to find the financial solutions you need.

Internacional Factoring

We offer financial solutions to companies looking for immediate liquidity. We have active accounts in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We give immediate financial liquidity to your business monetizing your national and international accounts receivables. Don’t let cash flow become a barrier to your growth.

Some of our achievements are: More than a billion dollars in factoring transactions, and an active portfolio in 34 countries.

The Financial Solutions You Need

We offer customized solutions designed to give you exponential growth. CVCredit brings financial solutions to over 30 industries around the world. Our products and services are designed to satisfy the needs of your business. We are the strategic partner you need to get to the next level, let us accompany you on the path to growth.

About de CV Credit

CVCredit was founded in 2003, with the goal of helping our clients, communities, team, and partners to grow.

We offer financial services to companies that seek immediate financial liquidity. The success of our clients is our passion.

Our strength lies in our dedicated team of professionals, specialized in giving immediate financing to American and Latin American companies through factoring and supply chain financing.

CVCredit is defined by its values. We are artisans, empathetic explorers, and a team. First we listen, then we understand your needs, and then we create something unique, precise, and tailor made for each of our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business model transcends to identify projects with value for the community as a whole. Our goal is to generate high impact and work hand in hand with organizations that promote innovation, creativity, and quality.

We are interested in supporting communities in development to increase the standard of living of its inhabitants, generating a positive impact in US and Latin American communities. Our Goal is to continue growing together, we want to start a chain reaction of positive change that pushes change and wellbeing.

We are always looking to participate in events that promote change, focused on increasing the wellbeing of our collaborators, as well as always creating internal campaigns for volunteering and donations

The success of our clients is our Passion

In CV Credit we want to keep #growtoguether


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